NIBL Sahabhagita Fund

“NIBL Sahabhagita Fund”, an Open Ended Mutual Fund Scheme, has been designed under the NIBL Mutual Fund as the first ever Open Ended Mutual Fund Scheme after implementation of the Mutual Fund Regulations, 2067 and Mutual Fund Guidelines, 2069 issued by SEBON.

Scheme Objective:

The primary objective of the “NIBL Sahabhagita Fund” is to explore and establish open ended Mutual Fund in Nepalese Capital Market and provide investors’ with alternative investment instrument across the country with ease of investment and liquidity. This scheme also encourages the conversion of savings into investments regularly for long period of time.
On the other side, the investment objective of the scheme is to provide steady returns to unit-holders over the long period of time.

Scheme Briefings:

Scheme Name NIBL Sahabhagita Fund.
Scheme TypeOpen Ended.
Approved Size of SchemeNPR. 2 Billion (Scheme Size will be extended accordingly)
Seed CapitalNPR. 300 Million (15% of NPR. 2 Billion)
New Fund Offer (NFO)NPR. 125 Million.
Par Value per UnitRs. 10 per unit
Approval Date09/01/2076 BS (22/04/2019 AD)
Allotment Date24/03/2076 BS (09/07/2019 AD)
Tradable PriceApplicable NAV determined by Fund Manager on daily basis.
Listing of units The units are not listed in any stock exchange; the trading is facilitated by the fund manager through various distribution outlets.
Trading MechanismRe-purchase/sale facility is provided by all distribution outlets.
Re- Sale/purchase starts from3 months from the date of allotment.
Fund Management & Depository Fees1.25% and 0.2% of applicable NAV.
Fund Supervisor's fee0.12% of applicable NAV.
Withholder PAN No201388813
Entry LoadNone.
Exit Load @ 1.5% of applicable NAV within 6 months of purchase.
@ 1.25% of applicable NAV within 6-12 months of purchase.
@ 1% of applicable NAV within 12-18 months of purchase.
@ 0.75% of applicable NAV within 18-24 months of purchase.
Dividend History FY 2076/77 (8.25%)
FY 2077/78 (50%)
FY 2078/79 (7.2%)
Options Available for Investment Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs). Return Re-investment Plan (DReP). Systematic Withdrawal Pan (SWPs).

Area of Investment:

  1. Bond and Debentures
  2. Securities Called for public offering (IPO, FPO, right shares)
  3. Listed securities that are registered with SEBON
  4. Money Market Instruments
  5. Bank Deposits
  6. Others sectors/areas prescribed by SEBON

Fund Sponsor

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited
Corporate Office: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fund Manager and Depository

NIMB Ace Capital Limited
(Wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd.)
Head Office: Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.

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