Liberty Energy Company has appointed NIBL Ace Capital Limited as its issue and sales manager for the IPO issuance. The company will be issuing 37.50 lakh ordinary shares at Rs.100 per share as its initial public offering, out of which 10% i.e. 15 lakhs units to be issued to locals and 15% i.e 22.50 lakh units to general public.
The Managing Director of Liberty Energy Company Dr. Aatma Ram Ghimire and the Deputy General Manager of NIBL Ace Capital Limited Mr. Kabindra Dhoj Joshi had signed on the agreement.

Liberty Energy Company Limited is building hydro project with capacity of 25 MW in Upper Dordi A located at Lamjung district. The project which has completed 85% of its work and is expecting to complete the remaining works by the end of Chaitra 2075. The hydropower is being funded from a loan consortium of 9 banks led by Nepal Investment Bank.
The company has acquired the generation license from construction of Upper Dordi A hydropower project (25 MW) from the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal and had done the agreement to complete before Bhadra 14, 2076.
The company has authorized capital of Rs. 150 crore and after the issuance of IPO its paid up capital reached to 150 crore.