Mount Kailash Energy Company Ltd. has appointed NIBL Capital as the Securities Issue and Sales Manager for issuing 2,250,000 of its ordinary shares at NPR 100 per share. An agreement for the same was signed on 8th of Jestha, 2074 by Mr. Bharat Kumar Khadka, Executive Chairman of Mount Kailash Energy Ltd. and Mr. Shivanth Bahadur Pandé, Chief Executive Officer of NIBL Capital.

Currently Mount Kailash Energy has an authorized capital of NPR 750 million, issued capital of NPR 750 million and paid up capital of NPR 525 million. A total of 2,250,000 units of its ordinary shares shall be issued through NIBL Capital out of which 750,000 units of ordinary shares, which makes up 10% of its issued capital, shall be issued to the local residents of the industry affected area of Mustang district. The rest 1,500,000 ordinary shares (i.e. 20% of its issued capital) shall be open to the general public for subscription. Mount Kailash Energy has been constructing Thapa Khola Hydropower Project, which will have the capacity of 13.6 Megawatt, in Tukuche V.D.C. of Mustang District.