NIBL Growth Fund

At NIMB Ace Capital we intend to follow a disciplined and process oriented investment approach for mutual fund to help investors achieve their financial goals.


Nature of the Scheme Closed End Fund
Fund NameNIBL Mutual Fund
Scheme NameNIBL Growth Fund
Investment ObjectiveTo generate moderate steady returns with minimizing high risks and focusing on the growth of the investment by investing in different financial instruments with concentrating on selected sectors/instruments as allowed by prevailing rules/regulations on mutual fund.
CorpusNPR 1.6 Billion Corpus amount may reach a maximum up to NPR 2 Billion (25% more) if oversubscribed as allowed by prevailing regulation on mutual fund.
New Fund Offer (NFO) Par ValueNPR 10.00
NFO Unit160,000,000 Units
Minimum Unit to apply 100 Units
Maximum Unit to apply10% of Issue Size
Issue Open Date07/09/2079 BS
Approval Date18/08/2079 BS (04/12/2022 AD)
Allotment Date03/10/2079 B.S.(17/01/2023 A.D.)
Maturity10 Years from the date of allotment of units
Maturity Date02/10/2089 B.S. (16/01/2033 A.D.)
Allotment of UnitsThe Units will be allotted as per Securities Issues and Allotment Directive 2074
Dividend Payout StrategyThe cash dividend will be pay out from the realized profits in proportion to investments made, retained earnings.
ListingThe Units will be listed in Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) for trading until the maturity of the scheme.
Fund Supervisors Fees0.12% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Fund Management Fees1.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Depository Fees0.2% of Net Asset Value (NAV)
Withholder PAN NO201503331

Areas of Investments

Section 8, Clause 34 (1) of prevailing Mutual Fund Regulation allows the following assets class for investment:

  1. Securities that are registered with SEBON
  2. Securities called for public offering
  3. Securities that are listed in Stock Exchange
  4. Debentures, Treasure Bills and other instruments of money market issued by Government of Nepal or Government
    Agencies receiving full guarantee or protection of Government of Nepal or NRB
  5. Bank deposits
  6. Money Market instruments
  7. Other areas prescribed by SEBON

Fund Sponsor

Nepal Investment Bank Mega Limited
Corporate Office: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fund Manager & Depository

NIMB Ace Capital Limited
(Wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd.)
Head Office: Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fund Supervisors

The Fund Sponsor has appointed the following prominent professionals as the Fund Supervisors of NIBL Mutual Fund.

  1. Dr. Bimal Prasad Koirala
  2. Dr. Shambhu Ram Simkhada
  3. Dr. Durgesh Man Singh
  4. CA. Jitendra Bahadur Rajbhandary
  5.  Mr. Raju Nepal

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