NIBL Capital Markets Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited has received a Depository Membership License from the CDS and Clearing Limited to start services as a Depository Participant. NIBL Capital, a licensed merchant banker from the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), aims to provide Depository Participant Services to investors through the branch network of its parent company Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL).

A Depository participant is an intermediary that maintains electronic accounts of securities on behalf of investors and provides services such as the transfer and sale of securities. NIBL Capital Markets will work closely with the CDS and Clearing Limited to dematerialize and convert the current stock of paper shares held by Nepali investors into an electronic format.

Currently, NIBL Capital renders a comprehensive and a wide range of financial solutions ranging from Issue and Sales Management, Securities Underwriting and Share Registration to Portfolio Management Services. Furthermore, NIBL Capital has also applied for a Mutual Fund license. With its strength of professional expertise, talent, a strong capital base, and a sturdy long term vision, NIBL Capital wishes to serve as an agent of change in achieving our common goal of economic growth and prosperity.