NIBL Sahabhagita Fund (NIBLSF) has announced a 8.25% cash dividend including tax for the FY 2076/77 to its unitholders.

The 80th meeting of the Board of Directors held on Shrawan 23, 2077 decided to distribute the dividend of fiscal year 2076/77 and the book closure date was announced on the same date i.e Shrawan 23, 2077.This means that unitholders who had their fund invested before that date are entitled to the dividend payout.

NIBL Sahabhagita Fund’s Net Assets Value (NAV) is Rs. 11.07 of Ashad end, 2077. Since NIBL Sahabhagita Fund is an open-ended scheme, investors can re-invest the dividend into the scheme itself via the Dividend Re-investment Plan if they wish to do so.