The Demat account holders of NIBL Capital Markets Ltd. are requested to pay annual maintenance Fee of NPR 100. The maintenance fee is charged annually according to the bylaws of Depository Participants. The fees can be paid either at the company or any branches of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. And the voucher can be send via Fax or

* It is compulsory for the holders to submit their Full Name and Demat Account Holder No. when submitting the fee.

The fees should be deposited in following account head and number.

Account Name: NIBL Capital Markets Ltd.

Account Number: 00101010312196


For account holders who have opened account on FY 2071/72, should pay fee for consecutive years of FY 2072/73 and FY 2073/74 as NPR 100 per annum.

For account holders who opened account on FY 2072/73, should pay fee for FY 2073/74 of NPR 100.
Please follow the link below for further information.