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As stock investment is the way to create real wealth;
PMS team will work together with you to increase your investment.


NIMB Ace Capital Market’s Portfolio Management Service provides a comprehensive and wide range of services to a diverse prospective client base from financial institutions and business to individuals with their unique needs.

Purpose to invest in stock market

  • Backed by research, investing in Equities/Shares is strategically substantial decision for long-term investments in the financial market.
  • Investing can help you reach your financial goals in a short period of time.
  • Market fluctuations are subject to market risk, however, in long run, any fundamentally and technically strong stock will generate favorable returns.

Why Invest With NIBL PMS?

  • Strong and Active risk management
  • Diversification of portfolio to spread risks.
  • Deliver active and regular monthly reviews.
  • Rigorous trading for portfolio rebalancing.
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team.
  • Strategic approach.
  • Additional investment facility.
  • Profit Withdrawal facility.

Simple technique to Investment

However, you should always be aware of the risk-reward rule which could cause an excess loss if invested without knowledge. For this reason, you need a Portfolio Relationship Manager who will guide you through your investment journey. Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a professional service where qualified and experienced portfolio managers backed by a research team manage equity portfolios on behalf of clients themselves.

Know your investment requirements & limitations

Decide on your Investment Strategy

Enter the market at the right time.

Do the trade

Monitor your portfolio

At NIMB Ace Capital we understand that everyone has different financial needs and we accommodate those needs and tailor the portfolio accordingly.

Once registered with our service, you will get access to our PMS account which includes website and mobile apps, research report prepared by our expertise and dedicated hotline to communicate with our experienced relationship managers.

Let our experts help you!!

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