Portfolio Management Service


We guide you in all financial planning needs, offering comprehensive and risk weighted solutions.


Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a professional service where qualified and experienced portfolio managers construct an efficient portfolio backed with research recommendations. The operation of portfolio is completely administered by the portfolio managers on behalf of their clients.

Why opt for Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?

  • Investors desire long term wealth creation. However, investors are not aware of the risks associated with investing. Thus, PMS will filter sustainable stocks to invest which will generate high return in future.
  • PMS members have expertise and special skill set to generate above average returns.
  • Fully dedicated to concentrate on creating a fundamentally strong portfolio.
  • In-depth market knowledge and access to market intelligence/channel checks and gauge behavioral attributes.
  • Quick decision making i.e. Buy/Sell decisions are taken purely basis fundamentals and market circumstances.


Many Nepalese have enormous saving potential, but are deterred from investing in the capital market due to lack of proper financial information, perceived risk of the stock market, and lack of expert guidance. Nowadays, people are busy with their hectic schedules and don’t tend to have time to explore about the Nepalese stock market. To support the Nepalese investors, NIBL Ace Capital have created a portfolio management service which can direct investors in the correct direction.

Why NIBL Ace Portfolio Management Service?

  • Strong and Active risk management.
  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
  • Active and regular monthly review and portfolio re balancing.
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team.
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other.
  • Additional investment facility.
  • Profit Withdrawal facility.
  • Online Access.

NIMB Ace Capital Ltd

(Professional and Quality Service)

NIMB Ace Capital is one of the leading brand in Nepalese financial market. A brilliant customer base and financial result have proven it all for NIMB Ace Capital.


Services offered under Portfolio Management Service are listed below:


Discretionary Management

Under discretionary management, the portfolio manager will manage the funds of each client in accordance with the risk appetite of the client. Portfolio managers set the overall direction and goals for the account. The portfolio manager also tend to execute trades by picking individual investments they believe will help meet the clients  objectives as per the market circumstance. Every individual client is assigned a portfolio manager who will constantly focus on the portfolio and monitor how investments are faring and periodic performance reports.

Discretionary accounts work best for investors who do not want to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of their investments and who want to rely on a professional portfolio manager to design their portfolio to meet their financial objectives.

The PMS products under discretionary management are listed as follows:

  1. NIBL Growth Plus Portfolio
  2. NIBL Lotus Portfolio
  3. NIBL Lotus Secure Portfolio
  4. NIBL Customised Portfolio
  5. NIBL Petal Plus Portfolio

Non-Discretionary Management

Under a non-discretionary management, the portfolio manager manages the funds in accordance with the expressed direction of the client. With a non-discretionary account, the portfolio manager offers a professional advice in connection with the client’s transaction and execute according to the instruction provided. This type of arrangement is best suited for investors who want to maintain a greater control over their investments, but still want the benefits of professional guidance.

If you have a keen, active interest in financial market then a non-discretionary approach to managing your investments might be the right choice for you.

Custodial Service

NIBL Custodial Service is a new portfolio management service which aims to facilitate services like applying for right share, collecting bonus share and cash dividend, dematerializing of physical share and accommodating any other requested client needs. With regular analysis of the markets, the custodial service team will assist you to keep the portfolio updated and resolve any unfamiliar issues that custodial procedures might encounter. As this portion of the service is to manage administrative tasks, you will have full control over your investment decisions. However, we will monitor your securities providing you with current market announcements of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), auctions, Further Public Offerings (FPOs) and many more.

Once registered with our service, you will get access to our PMS account which includes website and mobile apps, research report prepared by our expertise and dedicated hotline to communicate with our experienced relationship managers.

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